Bento Set


O bentō wa kochira! It means "Here's your bento!" in Japanese language.

Yes, that's right! Caffe 1920 also have Bento Set that comes in various Malay, Chinese and Indian cuisine. So 1 Malaysia right?  

malay cuisine

Lemongrass fried rice

Kelantan ayam percik skewer

Fish lime kelo

Sambal telur & bawang

Nasi tomato

Ayam masak merah

Nyonya dry fish with long beans

Stir fry mix vegetables

Nasi briyani

Chicken rendang

Sambal sotong pedas

Acar timun with sesame

Meehoon siam

Tumeric fried chicken

Baked tomyam fish

Stir fry lady finger with dried prawns

chinese cuisine

Steam white rice

Kungpo chicken

Lemon fish

Pak choy with goji

Chinese fried rice

Asean orange chicken

Steam fish with ginger & soy sauce

Mapo taufo

Hainanese ginger rice

Roasted chicken with sesame

Sweet & sour fish

Choy sum stir fry with garlic

Fried egg noodles

Chicken stew with bittergourd & black beans

Kungpo fish fillet

Classic tomato & egg stir fry

indian cuisine

Steam white rice

Chicken kurma

Fish curry with ladyfinger

Aloo Ghobi

Nasi pilaf

Chicken vindaloo

Fish sambal


Nasi briyani

Chicken curry

Fish vindaloo with eggplant

Kurma vegetables

Mee goreng

Chicken masala

Tandoori fish tikka

Sayur goreng kunyit

add on items

1) Fruits cordial / Fruit juice

2) Fresh mix fruits

3) Dessert (Cakes/Tarts/Cream Puff etc)

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